Lowongan Kerja PT Asabri (Persero)

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Lowongan Kerja Asabri

About PT Asabri (Persero)

Perusahaan Perseroan (Persero) – PT ASABRI (Persero) is a state in the field of Social Insurance Services but specific to sympathize Army personnel, police members, DoD civil servants and police. For those who died in any restitution named Special Death Benefit Risk or SRKK and starting on January 1, 2009 for soldiers and police members who died or were killed in the country given the task of Special Death Benefit Risk (SRKK) of Rp 60,000,000, – .

Function PT Asabri

  1. Organizing efforts and activities in the field of risk management, finance, and services Social Insurance Programs and Retirement Payments
  2. Constructing Company Long Term Plan
  3. Formulate Plan and Budget (CBP) and the Work Plan and Budget Section Plan (RKA Bagpens)
  4. Managing administration Asabri participants, retired soldiers, police members and DoD civil servants / police
  5. Held a benefit payment of compensation in accordance with the actuarial calculation and payment of retired soldiers, police members, and DoD civil servants / police
  6. Organizes payment of retired soldiers, police members, and DoD civil servants / police in accordance with the Act, Regulation, and Finance Minister related
  7. Managing investment funds and business development
  8. Pembinaan conducting a public administration, organization, administration, personnel, material, financial, regulatory, public relations, security, and data processing.
  9. Organizing the supervision and control of all aspects of the company oraganisasi
  10. Prepare and submit accountability reports annual results of operations and other statements

Legal Basis Asabri PT (Persero)

  1. Law No. 2 of 1992 Date February 11, 1992 on Insurance Business (State Gazette of 1992 No. 13, Supplement to State Gazette No. 3467).
  2. Law No. 1 of 1995 Date March 7, 1995 on Limited Liability Company (State Gazette of 1995 No. 13, Supplement to State Gazette No. 3587).
  3. Law No. 19 Year 2003 Date June 19, 2003 on State-Owned Enterprises (Statute Book of 2003 No. 70, Supplement to State Gazette No. 4297).
  4. Government Regulation No. 67 Year 1991 on Social Insurance of the Republic of Indonesia Armed Forces (Statute Book of 1991 No. 87).
  5. Government Regulation No. 68 Year 1991 on the Transfer of Public Company (Perum Asabri a Limited Liability Company (Persero).
  6. Deed Muhani Salim, SH, Notary in Jakarta, No. 201, dated December 30, 1992 regarding the establishment and Articles of Association of the Company (Persero) PT. Social Insurance Indonesian Armed Forces, which has been corrected by Deed Erni Nasution, SH, Notary in Jakarta Substitute, No. 40 dated June 9, 1993 and has been refurbished Deed June 9, 1993 and has been refurbished Deed Muhani Salim, SH No. 19 dated 06 March 1998 and has been held back correction by Deed No. 6, dated February 17, 2005 in front of the Notary Muhani Salim, SH in Jakarta

Products of PT Asabri

  1. Compensation Insurance (SA) Benefits provided to participants who terminated the right to a pension / retirement benefits are
  2. Compensation Insurance Cash Value (SNTA) Benefits provided to participants who were terminated without pension entitlements / benefits are retirement
  3. Compensation Risk of Death (SRK) Benefits provided to the participants who died on active service.
  4. Special Death Benefit Risk (SRKK) Benefits provided to participants who died / killed in the state duty
  5. Funeral Expenses Benefit (SBP) Benefits provided to participants pensioners who died.
  6. Because the Office of Disability Benefit (SCKD) Benefits provided to participants due to the direct action of the opponent or the opponent and not the direct action or the official duties for Army personnel
  7. Disability Compensation Not Because Office (SCKBD) Benefits provided to participants that occurred during official duty for soldiers, police members, and DoD Civil / Police
  8. Funeral Expenses Compensation Wife / Husband (SBPI / I) Compensation provided to participants Asabri Active / Retired Participant / Beneficiary, in the case of wife / husband Participant / Retired participant dies
  9. Funeral Expenses Benefit Children (SBPA) Benefits provided to participants in terms of Child Participant / Retired Participant dies

Jobs Available

PT Asabri (Persero) are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic individuals for the following challenging positions as :


Kepala Kantor Cabang
Medan, Makassar, Jayapura, Ambon dan Banda Aceh

Jobs Description

Administration Requirements

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  • Members / Retired Military / Police a minimum rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Letkol).
  • Have a good health (physical and spiritual)
  • Minimum age 50 years as of December 2013, preferably new retirement for 1 year
  • Willing to early retirement for active members of Military/Police
  • Not been dismissed “with no respect”
  • Not located as a member and / or political party officials
  • Computer literate


  • Minimum S1 from accredited major or SESKO graduate
  • Preferably have managerial experience at least 3 years
  • Have a good leadership skill
  • Able to build good relationships with relevant partners
  • Understanding the laws and regulations related to insurance companies, financial statements and employment
  • Have integrity, good self-control and extensive knowledge
  • Able to understand the company’s business processes

Sites Reference

  1. www.asabri.co.id

Submit Application

Online application through :



  • All applications will be treated in strict confidential and only use for the purpose of selection.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further process.
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