Lowongan Kerja PDAM Surya Sembada Kota Surabaya

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Lowongan Kerja PDAM Surabaya

About Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM) Surabaya

Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum – PDAM is a locally-owned business unit, which is engaged in the distribution of clean water for the general public. PDAM contained in each province, district, and municipalities across Indonesia. PDAM is a local company as a means of water providers are supervised and monitored by the executive and legislative aparataparat area.

Water companies are managed in a modern state has existed since the Dutch colonial era in the 1920s under the name Waterleiding while the Japanese occupation of the water company named Suido Syo.

History and Status PDAM Surabaya Surya Sembada

PDAM status

Establishment PDAM Surabaya is a relic of the Dutch era, where the establishment of the enterprises by:

  1. Local Regulation. 7 of 1976 dated March 30, 1976
  2. Ratified by the Decree of the Governor of East Java, dated 06 November 1976 No.. II/155/76
  3. Promulgated in the Provincial Gazette of the Regional Municipality of Surabaya II 1976 series C on 23 November 1976 No.. 4 / C

History of PDAM Surabaya:

  1. 1890: Drinking water for the city of Surabaya was first taken from the water source in the village of Pasuruan Purut transported by Railways
  2. 1903: Installation of pipe Pandaan by NV. Biernie for 3 (three) years.
  3. 1906: Number of Subscribers ± 1,500 connections.
  4. 1922: IPAM Ngagel I built with a capacity of 60 l / second.
  5. 1932: The spring Umbulan enhanced its capacity by building a new pump house.
  6. 1942: Increased capacity IPAM Ngagel I be 180 liters / second
  7. 1950: Water Company submitted to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Surabaya Municipal).
  8. 1954: Increased capacity IPAM Ngagel I be 350 l / second.
  9. 1959: Development II IPAM Ngagel capacity of 1,000 liters / second, designed and executed by Degremont Fa. (France).
  10. 1976: Water Company approved a Regional Company and set forth in Regulation No.. 7, dated March 30, 1976.
  11. 1977 Capacity building IPAM Ngagel I became 500 l / second.
  12. 1978: The transfer status of a Regional Water Company of the Office of Drinking Water by Decree No. Surabaya Mayor Dati II. 657/WK/77 dated December 30, 1977.
  13. 1980: Increased capacity to 1,000 IPAM Ngagel I l / second.
  14. 1982: Construction of IPAM Ngagal III capacity of 1,000 liters / second with a license from Neptune Microfloc (United States).
  15. 1990: Construction of IPAM Karangpilang I with a capacity of 1,000 liters / second with No. IBRD Loan funds. IND 2632.
  16. 1991: Construction of the office building located at Maj. taps. Prof. Dr.. 2 Moestopo PDAM Surabaya who funded pure.
  17. 1994: Increased capacity to 1,500 IPAM Ngagel I l / second., 1996: – Increased capacity Ngagel I IPAM to 1,800 liters / second, – Improved Karangpilang I IPAM capacity to 1,200 liters / second, – Commencement of construction of IPAM Karangpilang II with a capacity of 2,000 liters / dt. IBRD Loan No. funded. IND 3726.,
  18. 1997: – Increased capacity IPAM Ngagel III to 1,500 l / second., – Initial production of 500 l / dt IPAM Karangpilang II distributed to customers
  19. 1999: Construction of IPAM Karangpilang II with a capacity of 2,000 l / second has been completed
  20. 2001: Work Karangpilang II IPAM capacity to 2,500 liters / second begins
  21. 2005: Increased capacity IPAM Ngagel III to 1,750 l / second
  22. 2006: – Increased capacity IPAM Karangpilang I to 1,450 liters / second, – Increased capacity of IPAM Karangpilang II to 2,750 l / second
  23. 2009: Construction of IPAM Karangpilang III with a capacity of 2,000 liters / second

Contact PDAM Surabaya

Jl. Mayjend Prof. Dr. Moestopo 2 Surabaya 60131
Telephone +6231 5039373 – +6231 2926666
Faximile +6231 5030100
SMS 08123316666, 081 650 9202
e-mail : humas@pdam-sby.go.id

Jobs Available

Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Surya Sembada Kota Surabaya, provide an opportunity for Indonesian Citizen to be prospective employees, with the required education qualifications:


Pendidikan SMK

  1. Administrasi
  2. Teknik Industri
  3. Teknik Mesin
  4. Teknik Otomotof
  5. Keuangan
  6. Teknik Ketenagalistrikan
  7. Teknik Bangunan
  8. Teknik Kimia
  9. Teknik Plumbing
  10. Instrumentasi Industri
  11. Teknik elektronika Industri
  12. Teknik Komputer dan Informatika
  13. Bisnis dan Manajemen

Pendidikan D3

  1. Administrasi
  2. Akuntansi
  3. Pajak
  4. Keuangan
  5. Sekretaris
  6. Teknik Komputer
  7. Teknik Sipil
  8. Manajemen Pemasaran

Pendidikan S1

  1. Elektro
  2. Lingkungan
  3. Psikologi
  4. Sipil
  5. Hukum
  6. Teknik Mesin
  7. Teknologi Informasi
  8. Akuntansi

Job Description

General Requirements:

  • Indonesian Citizens;
  • Berkelakukan good and never sentenced to imprisonment or confinement under a court decision which has
  • legally enforceable expressed by Police Notes (SKCK) and an affidavit
  • never punished (imprisonment);
  • Never honorably discharged at his own request or not with respect as PNS / Members
  • Military / police or dishonorably discharged as a private employee;
  • Not in a bond with other agencies;
  • Physically and mentally capable expressed by the Government Medical Certificate;
  • Not tied to a family relationship with the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors to the third degree by a straight line or
  • aside including law and law;
  • Do not have a relationship of husband / wife with company employees.

Special requirements for applicants from the general lines:

  • Bachelor (S1) and Diploma (D3) with the following requirements:
    • 1) The study program is accredited and a minimum GPA of 2.75 (two point seven five) in the scale of 4 (four);
    • 2) The program of study accredited B and a minimum GPA of 3.00 (three point zero) in the scale of 4 (four);
  • SMK or Private Accredited with an average value of diploma / STTB minimum of 7.00 (seven point zero);
  • Age as low as – 18-year low;
  • Vocational Education maximum age 25 years;
  • Education Diploma (D3) as high as more than 30 years old;
  • Education Bachelor (S1) maximum age 35 years;
  • Applicants age limit shall be calculated from recruitment was announced;
  • Education Diploma (D3) and the Bachelor (S1) preferably has experience in the field at least 2 (two) years;
  • Age of applicants is determined by the date of birth listed on the Certificate of Graduate Study / Diploma
  • which is used as the basis for applying;
  • Applicants for a woman, not in a state of pregnancy.

Special requirements for applicants from power lines contract:

  • Aged high – high 35 years;
  • Applicants age limit shall be calculated from recruitment was announced;
  • Age of applicants is determined by the date of birth listed on the Certificate of Graduate Study / Diploma
  • which is used as the basis for applying;
  • Contract staff who can apply through contract labor is labor contracts that are still actively working
  • or who had been a labor contract within 2 (two) years since the announcement of the vacancy;
  • Getting a recommendation from the head unit or a reference from the last unit leader;
  • Applicants for a woman, not in a state of pregnancy.

Sites Reference

  1. www.pdam-sby.go.id

Submit Application

Please submit your application by online through :



  • Closing date 20 February 2015.
  • All applicants must write a valid telephone number / mobile phone which can be contacted.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process
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