Lowongan Kerja ODP Bank DKI

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Lowongan Kerja ODP Bank DKI

About Bank DKI

PT Bank DKI or Bank DKI is an Indonesia-based financial institution engaged in Banking services owned by the government of DKI Jakarta.

Bank DKI


Bank DKI as a regional development bank was established on 30 April 1961 and headquartered in Central Jakarta. Bank DKI provides a widely range of banking products and services that are customized to meet customers variety requirements.

In 2010, the majority of products increased significantly in terms of both portfolio and the number of customers. Its products include : Tabungan Monas, Tabungan Simpeda, Tabungan Ku, Giro, Deposito, Kredit Multiguna, Kredit Usaha Kecil, Kredit Investasi, Kredit Modal Kerja, Kredit Bangun Karya, KPR Griya Monas, KUMK Monas. In addition, Bank DKI provides services, such as ATM, Debit DKI, AutoDebit Bank DKI, Jack Card, Samsat Drive Thru, Tax Payment, BPD Net Online and exchange currency.

Bank DKI successfuly achieved the 131.48% growth of net income from Rp136,48 billion in 2009 to Rp316.76 billion in 2010.

Bank DKI contact

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda III No. 7 – 9
Jakarta Pusat
Telephone : (021) 231 4567
Fax :( 021) 351 7660


Jobs Available

PT Bank DKI is seeking the best and potential candidates to join as following positions:


Officer Development Program (ODP)

Jobs Description


  • Minimal S1 for all majors except midwives study: Division / Dept. Health Sciences / Nursing, Literature, Art and Religious.
  • Cumulative Performance Index (GPA) of at least:
    • State S1: 2.75 PTS: 3.00
    • State S2: 3.25 PTS: 3.5 (scale 4.00)
  • S1 Maximum Age: 25 Years, S2: 27 Years
  • Having the ability Spoken and written English
  • Ability to operate a computer at least MS program. Office
  • Not married and not married for education
  • Willing to undergo Association Office
  • Willing to be placed in all areas of the Big City
  • Look attractive and good personality
  • Minimum height 155 cm for women, and for men at least 165 cm with a weight proportional
  • Has no family relationship with an employee of PT. Bank DKI
  • Not currently in litigation or involved in legal proceedings (criminal or civil)

Benefits to be obtained when passing the selection include:

  1. Competitive remuneration in the banking business
  2. Very broad career opportunities

Sites Reference

  1. www.bankdki.co.id

Submit Application

  • Download form : Click Here
  • Fill out the form with your complete data.
  • Save the file (save as) with the format of the file name .xls, example: Adi Wijonarko 18-12-1980.xls
  • Send form data file to the email address:




  • At the time of email, the subject of the email is filled with the file name, for example: Adi Wijonarko 18-12-1980.xls (Caution: if sent an email with the subject does not contain the name of the file then your email is not processed)
  • Each participant is only allowed to send 1 email / form, if known to send more than 1 (one) then email / form will not be processed
  • Registration no later than the date: February 27, 2015 At 24:00 AM.
  • Only applicants with the best qualifications (shortlisted candidate) to be included in the next selection process.
  • Committee decisions can not be contested.
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