Lowongan Kerja Non CPNS Kab Bantul

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Lowongan Non CPNS Kab Bantul 2013

About Kab Bantul

Bantul can not be separated from the history of the city of Yogyakarta as the history of the struggle and the struggle of Indonesia in general. Bantul save a lot of stories of heroism. Among other things, the resistance at the Ambar Ketawang Mangkubumi Prince and the defense of Sultan Agung in Pleret. The struggle of Prince Diponegoro in Selarong. The story of the struggle of Indonesian aviation pioneer Adisucipto, the plane dropped shot Ngoto Dutch Village. An important note is that events Guerrilla War against the Dutch troops led by General Sudirman (1948) that a lot of moving around Bantul. The area is also the basis, “Attack Oemoem March 1″ (1949) which was launched by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX.

Benchmark initial formation Bantul region is persistent struggle against colonial headquarters of Prince Diponegoro in Selarong since the year 1825 until 1830. After dampen struggle Diponegoro Government, the Dutch East Indies and then formed a special commission to deal with the Vortenlanden areas include local government in charge of Mataram, Pajang, Sokawati, and the South Mountains. Contract Kasunanan Surakarta Yogyakarta done well with the zoning case and payment of a fee of war, rebel leaders surrender, and the formation of administrative areas.

On 26 and 31 March 1831 Dutch East Indies government and the Sultan of Yogyakarta cooperation contract on a new administrative division in the Sultanate with the determination as head of its territory. At Yogyakarta Sultanate was divided into three districts namely Bantulkarang to the south, Denggung to the north, and Kalasan to the east. Following up a new division of Yogyakarta Sultanate, dated July 20, 1831 or Wednesday 10th Kliwon Dal Sapar year 1759 (Java) is officially forming Bantul previously known named Bantulkarang. A Nayaka Sultanate Yogyakarata named Raden Hero Mangun Negoro then believed to Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono V to assume office as regent Bantul.

July 20 is the one which every year is celebrated as the Day of Bantul. Moreover July 20 also has a symbolic value for the heroism and sanctity Bantul Diponegoro War waged since July 20 1825.Pada the Japanese occupation government based on Usamu Seirei Ordinance No. 13 sedangakan stadsgemente removed. District has a right to manage their own (autonomous).

Then after independence, the government is handled by the National Committee of the Region to implement Law No. 1, 1945. But in Yogyakarta and Surakarta law does not apply to the issuance of the Basic Law on Local Government No. 22 of 1948. and then refers to Law No. 15 year 1950 that the contents forming the Autonomous Regional Government in Indonesia.

Along with the assistance of the Republic of Indonesia and the alternation of the national leadership, the present Bantul has boomed in various fields under the leadership of Drs. HM. Idham who served since the end of 1999.

Job Available

NOMOR : 813/059
TAHUN 2013

Customer Service (K1, K2, K3)

Jobs Description


Applicant requirements include general requirements and specific requirements.

a. General requirements are:

  1. Devoted to God Almighty.
  2. Indonesian citizen and ID Bantul.
  3. Have the necessary education, skills, expertise and skills required.
  4. Not located as CPNS / PNS, Candidates / Members of TNI and police and not being tied to an agreement / contract with other agencies.
  5. Not a resident caretaker and / or members of a political party.
  6. Never honorably discharged not on own request or not with respect as a civil servant / civil / military / police or dismissed as an employee with respect BUMN / or private employee.
  7. Never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions that have had the force of law for committing crimes.
  8. Never engage in an activity / movement against the Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the State and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  9. Bodily health as evidenced by a Certificate of Physicians Health Center in Bantul region.
  10. Good behavior represented by the letter Police Notes (SKCK) of Police.
  11. Least 18 years and maximum 21 years by January 1, 2013.
  12. The average value of 7.50 vocational diploma.
  13. Able to operate a computer.
  14. Look attractive.
  15. Minimum height for men women 160 cm and 155 cm.

b. Special requirements, namely:

  1. Customer Service (K1): male or female, SMK Department Administration / Secretary
  2. Customer Service (K2): male or female, SMK Building Programs
  3. Customer Service (K3): Women, SMK Accounting Department

Sites Reference

  1. www.bantulkab.go.id

Submit Application

Procedures for Applying / Registration:

  1. Please download the Registration Form, Participant Identification Card Selection and format through the website http://bkd.bantulkab.go.id Statement (January 21, 2013 till February 6, 2013).
  2. It is expected that applicants come in person to the registration with the specified file. Schedule Registration is done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or on 5 and 6 February 2013 At 08.00 pm up to 13:00 pm, located at Main Hug (Care Complaints Comrade) Jalan Gajah Mada No. 02 Bantul (North Bank Bantul). Application documents are collected in a folder snelhecter buffalo folio paper with the Red provision for vocational graduates Department Administrative / Secretarial, colored green for vocational graduates berwaena Department of Building and Yellow for SMK Accounting Department.
  3. Please include name, address, and the average value On the front page map snelhecter

Closing date

  • February 9, 2013


  • Applicants who received a non-civil service employees Bantul Licensing Office 2013 was announced on February 26, 2013 at 11.00 am at the bulletin board and Licensing Office website and BKD Bantul Bantul.
  • Applicants who are accepted are required to be present at the Licensing Office Bantul on February 28, 2013 at 08.00 am to attend briefing and signing contracts.
  • The decision of the Procurement Committee Personnel Licensing Office Non PNS Bantul Year 2013 is absolute and inviolable.
  • All stages of the selection process is not free of charge (free).
  • Source : Click Here atau Click Here

Lowongan Non CPNS Kab Bantul 2013 by lokercpnsbumn

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