Lowongan Kerja Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara

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Lowongan Kerja Komisi ASN

About Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara

Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara – Komisi ASN – KASN is a non-structural institution that is independent and free from political intervention to create professional ASN Employees and performance, providing services in a fair and neutral, as well as into the adhesive and unifying the nation . KASN established pursuant to Law No. 5 of 2014 on Civil Administrative State. KASN consists of seven members of the two of them doubles as chairman and vice chairman. Appointment of members KASN first period (2014-2019) by Presidential Decree (Decree) No. 141 / M / 2014 on the Appointment of Members KASN the president signed on September 30, 2014. The seven members KASN include members Sofian Effendi as chairman, vice-chairman Irham Dilmy as a member, Waluyo, I Made Kelvin, Nuraida Mokhsen, Tasdik Kinanto and Prijono Tjiptoherijanto .



ASN Commission report on implementation of the functions, duties, and powers, including those relating to the policies and performance of ASN at least 1 (one) at the end of the year to the President.

The President set a chairman, vice chairman, and members elected KASN KASN of members proposed by the Selection Team as referred to in Article 39 paragraph (5).

Chairman, vice chairman, and members KASN established and appointed by the President as the highest authority in the implementation of the policy, professional development and management ASN, for a term of 5 (five) years and can only be extended for one (1) term.

Functions of the Commission ASN

  1. ASN Commission to monitor the implementation of the basic norms, codes of ethics, and codes of conduct ASN, and ensure the implementation of the merit system in the formulation of Policy and Management ASN on Government Agencies.
  2. In implementing the supervision referred to in paragraph (1) letter b., KASN authorities decided basic norm violation, the coder of ethics, code of conduct Employees ASN.
  3. The results of monitoring referred to in paragraph (1) letter a and b be submitted to the Officer Personnel Trustees and Officers of the Authority for the required follow-up.

Privileges Commission in ASN

  1. Supervise every stage of the process of filling leadership positions ranging from High-agency selection committee formation, vacancy announcements, implementation of the selection, nomination of candidates, the determination, and the inauguration.
  2. Supervise and evaluate the application of the principle, the basic values ??and code of ethics and code of conduct Employees ASN.
  3. Requesting ASN information of employees and the public about the reports of violations of basic norms, codes of ethics and code of conduct Employees ASN.
  4. Inspect documents related to violations of basic norms, codes of ethics and code of conduct Employees ASN, and
  5. Ask for clarification and / or documents required from government agencies for examination of reports on violations of basic norms, codes of ethics and code of conduct Employees ASN.


  1. Being a supervisory commission and the merit system guarantees reliable, effective and reliable in the world to realize the Civil Apparatus of the Republic of Indonesia, professional, performance and integrity.


  1. Assist the President in the formation of the Republic of Indonesia Civil Apparatus professional, performing, high integrity, and clean of corruption.
  2. Ensure the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia Civil Apparatus neutral and free from political interference;
  3. Oversee and ensure the implementation of the Basic Values, Code of Ethics and Code of ASN employees at all central government agencies and local governments;
  4. Ensure the accomplishment of the merit system in the management of the ASN in all central government agencies and local governments;

Contact of Komisi ASN
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 69 Jakarta Selatan
021-7398381 – 89
email : halo@komisi-asn.com

Job Available

In order to carry out its duties and authorities, KASN invite professionals to fill the following vacancy:

  1. Asisten Komisioner
  2. Kepala Sekretariat KASN

Job Description

Asisten Komisioner
A Leadership Position High Primary (Primary JPT) as many as 10 people, to 5 working groups as follows:

  1. Promosi dan Advokasi
  2. Monitoring dan Evaluasi
  3. Pengaduan dan Penyelidikan
  4. Perlindungan dan Mediasi
  5. Pengkajian dan Pengembangan
  6. Jabatan Asisten KASN terbuka untuk pelamar dari PNS dan Non-PNS

Kepala Sekretariat KASN (1 job available)
Head of the Secretariat is a High Leadership Position Primary (Primary JPT) and only for applicants PNS

Sites Reference

  1. www.komisi-asn.com

Submit Application

For apply online please goto to :


  • Closing date : 21 March 2015
  • All application will kept strictly confidential and only short-listed candidates will be contacted

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