Lowongan Kerja Kementerian Kehutanan

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Lowongan Kerja Rimbawan Kemenhut – Dephut

About Kementerian Kehutanan Republik Indonesia (Kemenhut)

Kementerian Kehutanan – Kemenhut – Departemen Kehutanan – Dephut is the ministry in charge of the affairs of the Government of Indonesia and plantation forestry . Ministry is headed by a Minister of Forestry ( MoF ) that the date of October 22, 2009 held by Zulkifli Hasan .

Forestry development as a series of directed and planned effort to harness and utilize forest resources optimally and sustainably . The goal is to integrate and balance the benefits of forests to forest functions in harmony which can take place in the plenary .

In the implementation , which is in line with the development of other efforts in national development , forestry development faces various problems / barriers that are very complex . If the problems and obstacles that are not adequately addressed , forestry development objectives would be compromised .

Various problems in the form of threats, harassment , and obstacles in the implementation of forestry development , will not be solved completely if treatment is not strategic , through conceptual and complete response to the management system that can accommodate all the activities of forestry activities is increasing . In such conditions it is necessary the existence of a suitable form of administration and appropriate , as a means that is necessary for the successful implementation of forestry development .

Forestry agency -level Directorate General of felt unable to cope with the problems and the development of forestry development activities is increasing. Some administrative barriers affecting the implementation of forestry development include:

  1. Directorate general scope is too narrow , so a lot of issues that should be handled with discretion the authority of the ministers received less attention . As a result , the General Directorate of Forestry is often faced with the problems of hierarchy , such as in the cooperation with the other agencies that higher levels.
  2. The next result , may continue to the next level down . Directorate General of Forestry had a lot of delegating authority to the directorate of which should exceed . Thus , the directorate is also involved in the line of duties and tasks of cross- sectoral / sub -sectoral , which is a lot going for forestry activities .
  3. Authority inherent in the organization of the directorate -general level to be too small in the face of problems which are wisdom , especially in cooperation with other relevant agencies .
  4. Functional technical relationship between local and central government, through the Regional Office of the Department ( of Agriculture ) , which because of the nature of the activities of each sub- sector , raises kekurangserasian .
  5. Limitations to develop a means of personnel occurs , because the bound on the number of formations for the directorate-general level .
  6. In addition, there were also limitations on organizational unit , which is functionally acting as a watchdog element .
  7. Overall incidence of these barriers often cause problems that are non- routine , which requires a special solution .

Moreover , to achieve the objectives of forestry development required a starting base and the orientation of vast horizons and thorough about forests and forestry , which in practice covers aspects of the utilization , conservation of natural resources of forest and land rehabilitation .


Establishment of the Ministry of Forestry is not a restoration of the Directorate General of Forestry , rather it is an institution building through the development and utilization of forestry and material conditions possessed . It is at once a response to the conditions and problems faced during it , which include limitations of regulatory issues , leadership and wisdom , limited facilities , personnel and others. On the basis of these conditions then be re-defined goals, objectives and main tasks and functions of the Department of Forestry as the basis for the implementation of forestry development .

Jobs Available

Kementerian Kehutanan Republik Indonesia are currently taking applicants for the following positions:


Tenaga Bakti Rimbawan

  1. Administrasi /Penata Keuangan /Analis Keuangan : S1 ekonomi**)
  2. Pemanfaatan & Penggunaan Kawasan / Pengelola usaha kehutanan/ PEH Bidang Pemanfaatan (Pemula) : D3 Kehutanan
  3. Pemanfaatan & Penggunaan Kawasan / Pengelola usaha kehutanan/ PEH Bidang Pemanfaatan (Pertama) : S1 Kehutanan
  4. Pemanfaatan & Penggunaan Kawasan / Pengelola usaha kehutanan/Analis Pemanfaatan Hutan : S1 Kehutanan
  5. Pemantauan rehabilitasi & reklamasi hutan/Penanaman & Pemeliharaan Tanaman/Analis Rehabilitasi Hutan & Lahan : S1 Kehutanan
  6. Pemantauan rehabilitasi & reklamasi hutan/Penanaman & Pemeliharaan Tanaman/Pengolah Data Rehabilitasi Hutan & Lahan : D3 Kehutanan
  7. Pemantauan rehabilitasi & reklamasi hutan/Tenaga Teknis Monitoring Rehabilitasi/PEH Pertama : S1 Kehutanan
  8. Pemberdayaan Masyarakat / Management Konflik S1 Hukum Pemberdayaan Masyarakat/ Pengolah Data Pemberdayaan Masyarakat : D3 Kehutanan
  9. Pemberdayaan Masyarakat/ Penyuluh Pemula : D3 Kehutanan, D3 Penyuluhan, D3 Pertanian
  10. Pemberdayaan Masyarakat/Analis Pemberdayaan Masyarakat/Penyuluh Pertama : S1 Antropologi, S1 Penyuluhan, S1 Pertanian, S1 Sosiologi, S1 Kehutanan
  11. Pengelola Kegiatan Dekon Penyuluhan : S1 Kehutanan
  12. Pengelola Unit Bisnis Kehutanan : S1 Agribisnis , S1 Komunikasi , S1 Manajemen Bisnis
  13. Perencanaan/Tenaga Teknis Perencanaan & Pemetaan/Analis Perencanaan Kehutanan : S1 Kehutanan*)
  14. Perencanaan/Tenaga Teknis Perencanaan & Pemetaan/Pengolah Data Perencanaan Kehutanan : D3 Kehutanan
  15. Perlindungan hutan & Konservasi alam/PEH Bidang PHKA (Pemula) : D3 Kehutanan
  16. Perlindungan hutan & Konservasi alam/PEH Bidang PHKA (Pertama) : S1 Kehutanan
  17. Rehabilitasi & reklamasi /Penanaman & Pemeliharaan Tanaman/PEH Bidang PDAS-PS (PEH Pemula) : D3 Kehutanan
  18. Rehabilitasi & reklamasi hutan/PEH Pertama Bidang PDAS-PS : S1 Kehutanan
  19. Tenaga Teknis Pada KHDTK : S1 Kehutanan
  20. Tenaga Teknis perbenihan & persemaian/PEH Pemula Bidang PDAS-PS : D3 Kehutanan

*) Prioritas bagi yang memiliki Sertifikat GIS
**) Prioritas bagi lulusan Ekonomi Akuntansi

Jobs Description


  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Meet the age requirements as follows:
  • D3 : maximum age of 28 years old on 1 October 2014 (births on 1 October 1986 and thereafter)
  • S1 : maximum age of 30 old on 1 October 2014 (births on 1 October 1984 and thereafter).
  • Strong interest to become Tenaga Bakti Rimbawan.

Sites Reference

  1. www.dephut.go.id

Submit Application

If you think you have met the requirements above, please register and submit your application to :



  • Closing date 16 November 2014.
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.
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