Lowongan Kerja Garuda Indonesia Holidays

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Lowongan Garuda Holidays

About Garuda Indonesia Holidays

Garuda Indonesia Holidays started as a transformation from Garuda Emerald Holidays, previously managed by a third party. Garuda Emerald Holidays offered various vacation destinations in Indonesia, focusing on the variety and rich nature of culture.

In 1986, those packages officially became an integrated part of Garuda Indonesia. Holidays by Garuda Indonesia provided choices from vacations, business and travel combinations through land and air, hobbies and communities, adventure and ecotourism packages.

Now Garuda Indonesia Holidays have undergone a rejuvenation and refreshed its look, tone and manner. Tapping into the modern traveler segment, loyal passengers of Garuda Frequent Traveler and its positioning as Indonesia’s national airline carrier.

New and exciting travel packages are available, catering to special interests, hobbies, art & culture, sports and adventure, fashion and culinary and finally in specific community interests.

The Garuda Indonesia In-house Package is divided into 2 groups:

  • GIH (Garuda Indonesia Holidays); functioning as a Domestic Package and Outbound Package organizer.
  • GOH (Garuda Orient Holidays) functioning as an Inbound Package organizer.

GOH and GIH are “Institutions / Units” that aside from functioning as a Garuda Indonesia in-house package organizer, both became a “Brand Name” of the aforementioned in-house package orientating towards profit.

Optimize seat capacity by Outsourcing to Wholesaler / Production House.

Airline product diversification in a package form (airline, hotel and land arrangement / tour) that can be sold in all GA distribution channel (T/O, Travel Center, and Travel Agent).

Accommodate the product package needs for its end customer (both individual and corporate) as well as business partner (travel agent) that does not have their own product package.

To become the main choice of product beyond the Indonesian market and having a competitive value in the Asia Pacific region.


  • To become a marketing strategy tool in increasing GA revenue.
  • To build a domestic and international market through product package, especially beyond Indonesia
  • As a counter balance for other product packages from domestic and international airline
  • Develop a competitive product package (One stop shopping service).
  • Building the Brand Awareness / Attitude of “GA Holidays” as an In House Package GA


Should you have any enquiries, suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

Garuda Indonesia Holidays Office
Aerowisata Park
Jl Soepomo no 45, Tebet
Jakarta, Indonesia

Email : info@garudaholidays.com

Jobs Available

Garuda Indonesia Holidays are urgently required :

  1. Incentive Manager (IM) & Tour Manager (TM)
  2. Tour Operation Staff (TOS) & Counter Staff (CS)

Jobs Descrition

Incentive Manager (IM) & Tour Manager (TM)


  • Minimum 5 years related experience including 2 years in managerial level
  • Dynamic, open minded, & fast broad relations as well as ready for any advancements

Tour Operation Staff (TOS) & Counter Staff (CS)


  • D3/S1 level with min 2 years related experience
  • Good looking performance both interpersonal and communication skill, fluent in English, sales oriented and computer literacy
  • Traveled broadly is an advantage

Sites Reference

  1. www.garudaholidays.com

Submit Application

Please submit your applications and CV to :



  • Applications and CV not later than 10 June 2013.

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