Lowongan Kerja Dosen Universitas Darussalam Gontor

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Lowongan Kerja Dosen Unida

About Universitas Darussalam Gontor (UNIDA)

Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor – PMDG is a boarding school in Ponorogo , East Java . This cottage combines classic boarding school and teaching methods berkurikulum like school .

The cottage roommate was established on April 10, 1926 in Ponorogo , East Java by three brothers son Kiai Santoso Anom Habibie . Three brothers are KH Ahmad Sahal , KH Zainuddin Fananie , and KH Imam Zarkasy later known as Trimurti .

At that time boarding placed outside the line of modernization , the students boarding by people considered smart about religion but are blind to common knowledge . Trine then apply the new format and establish cottage roommate to retain some of the Salaf Islamic tradition and change teaching methods that use boarding watonan system ( bulk ) and sorogan ( people) replaced with classics such as the public school system . At first cottage roommate just had Tarbiyatul Atfhfal ( kindergarten level ) and then increased with the establishment of Al – Islamiah Kulliyatul Mu’alimin ( KMI ) which is equivalent to high school graduates . In 1963 cottage roommate establish Darussalam Institute of Islamic Studies ( ISID ) .

Pesantren roommate managed by the Waqf Board which consists of alumni leaders who care about the school and leaders of Islamic boarding school as a determinant of policy and its implementation is run by three Chief cottage ( Kyai ) ie KH Sahal Hassan Abdullah ( Son KH Ahmad Sahal ) . Dr. . KH Abdullah Shukri Zarkasy ( son of Imam Zarkasy KH ) and KH Syamsul Hadi Abdan , S.Ag. Management tradition by three caretakers , continuing the pattern of Trimurti ( Founder ) .

At the time of the 1948 Madiun incident when Muso had ruled the residency of Madiun ( Madiun , Ponorogo , Magetan , Pacitan and Ngawi ) and killed many religious leaders , at which time the military has been disabled by the PKI , boarding school roommate and ustadnya closed and students moved to avoid Muso troops from the pursuit . KH Sahal Ahmad ( late) survived in hiding in a cave in the mountainous area Mlarak . The cave is now called the Cave Ahmad Sahal . Boarding School Education Activity resumes after normal conditions .

Modern view of KH Ahmad Sahal , as the founder of the Trinity and the second oldest sister is KH Zainudin Fanani and KH Imam Zarkasy manifested also in educating their children in addition to religious schools ( pesantren ) is also in the public schools . Drs . Syaifullah H. Sahal Ali ( late) GMU alumni of Philosophy and a University in Australia , a lecturer at the Teachers’ Training College Malang ; Dra. Hj . Teachers’ Training College lecturer Rukayah Sahl ( ISTA ) Jakarta etc. .

And certainly be food for thought Waqf Board member at this time , to bring into a kind of boarding school roommate of Al Azhar University in Egypt , a university that has a wide range of fields of study ( Religion and Science and Technology ) which is based on Islam .

In 1994 established a special cottage daughter for KMI levels and specialized higher education graduates receive KMI . The girls’ cottage occupies an area of ??187 acres of waqf land . Located in the village of Sambirejo , District Mantingan , Ngawi , East Java . Now, the girls’ cottage has five branches , three branches located in Ngawi , one branch in the Southeast and one in Kediri .

Until now roommate has had 17 branches consisting of 13 campuses throughout Indonesia and students / santriwatinya reached 14 273 people . Unlike boarding schools in general , the teachers was wearing a tie and long trousers .

Jobs Available

Yayasan Perguran Tinggi Darussalam (YPTD) Pondok Modern Gontor open opportunities for academicians to join as a professor at the University of Darussalam roommate. The Program is still hiring for tenured faculty are as follows:

  1. Akuntansi
  2. Ekonomi Pembangunan
  3. Teknologi Industri Pertanian
  4. Agroteknologi
  5. Teknik Informatika

Jobs Description


  • Moslem
  • Can read the Quran properly
  • Able to live on campus (pesantren)
  • Diplomas and transcripts linear (S1 and S2)
  • Submit the following documents;
    • a) Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • b) diploma and transcripts S1 (legalized)
    • c) diploma and transcripts S2 (legalized)
    • d) Statement of Willingness Fulltime
    • e) Copy of ID card
    • f) Photograph (3 × 4 = 5 LBR), (4 × 6 = 5 exp)

Sites Refrence

  1. www.gontor.ac.id

Submit Application

Please submit your application to :

Panitia Pendirian Universitas Darussalam Gontor
Kampus Universitas Darussalam Gontor
Jalan Raya Siman KM 6 Ponorogo 63571. Telp/Fax: (0352)488220
E-mail : yptd@gontor.ac.id
CP: H. Setiawan bin Lahuri, M.A. : +6281 331 472 761
Ahmad Saifullah, M.Pd. : +6285 235 055 422

or please apply by online through :


  • Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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