Lowongan Kerja CPNS Prov Aceh

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Lowongan CPNS Prov Aceh

About Provinsi Aceh

Provinsi Aceh – Aceh or the Province of Aceh is the westernmost province in Indonesia, situated on the northern end of Sumatra island. Formerly known as the Province of Nanggroë Aceh Darussalam. The Province of Aceh is bordered to the Bay of Bengal in the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Strait of Malacca in the east, and North Sumatra in the southeast and south. The Province has an area of 58,376 km2 with capital city is Banda Aceh. According to latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) of Aceh, the Province of Aceh recorded a population of 4,597,308 people in the end of 2011. The Province of Aceh is administratively divided into 18 regencies and 5 autonomous cities. The Current governor of Aceh is Zaini Abdullah. He is the governor of Aceh province for 2012-2017 term.

Aceh is located on the northern tip of Sumatra island and is the westernmost province in Indonesia. Its capital is Banda Aceh. The province’s population of about 4.500.000 inhabitants. Its proximity to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India and the integral by the Andaman Sea. Aceh is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the North, the Indian Ocean to the West, the Malacca Strait to the East, and North Sumatra to the Southeast and South.

Aceh is regarded as the beginning of the spread of Islam in Indonesia and play an important role in the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia. At the beginning of the 17th century, the Sultanate of Aceh was the strongest, the richest country, and the more prosperous in the Straits of Malacca. The history of Aceh, colored by the political freedom and the rejection of foreign control, including former occupiers Indonesia and the Government of Netherlands. When compared to other provinces, Aceh is a very conservative area (upholds religious values). Percentage of the population of Muslimnya was the highest in Indonesia and they live according to Islamic Sharia. Unlike most other provinces in Indonesia, Aceh has a distinct set of autonomy for reasons of history.

Aceh has abundant natural resources, including petroleum and natural gas. A number of analysts estimate of natural gas reserves in Aceh are the largest in the world. Aceh is also famous for its forests located along the Bukit Barisan range of Kutacane in Southeast Aceh to Ulu Masen in Aceh Jaya. A National Park, Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) was founded in Southeast Aceh.

Aceh was the closest land to the epicenter of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. After the earthquake, tsunami waves crashing most of the province’s West Coast. Around 170,000 people were killed or missing as a result of the disaster. This disaster also prompted the creation of a peace treaty between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the free Aceh Movement (GAM).

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Jobs Available

Provinsi Aceh open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as :


Jobs Description

Persyaratan Umum antara lain :

  1. Warga Negara Indonesia;
  2. Tidak pernah dihukum penjara atau kurungan berdasarkan putusan pengadilan;
  3. Tidak pernah diberhentikan dengan hormat tidak atas permintaan sendiri atau tidak dengan hormat sebagai PNS/TNI/Polri atau diberhentikan tidak dengan hormat sebagai pegawai swasta;
  4. Tidak pernah terlibat dalam suatu gerakan yang menentang Pancasila, UUD 45, Negara dan Pemerintah
  5. Tidak berkedudukan sebagai CPNS/PNS, Calon/Anggota TNI/Polri;
  6. Tidak berkedudukan sebagai anggota atau pengurus partai politik;
  7. Sehat jasmani dan rohani yang dibuktikan dengan Surat Keterangan Dokter Pemerintah / RSU atau Puskesmas
  8. Berkelakukan baik yang dibuktikan dengan SKCK dari POLRI
  9. Kartu Tanda Pencari kerja (AK1) dari Dinas Tenaga Kerja
  10. Surat Keterangan tidak mengkonsumsi narkoba, psikotropika, prekursor dan zat adiktif lainnya dari Unit Pelayanan Kesehatan Pemerintah
  11. Khusus tenaga pendidik, tidak boleh tuna rungu, tuna wicara, juling, bibir sumbing dan penyakit kulit/supak



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