Lowongan Kerja Bank BPD Jambi

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Lowongan Bank BPD Jambi

About BankLowongan Kerja PCP Indonesia Eximbank. Read more ... » BPD Jambi

Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jambi was established based on Notarial Deed of Adi Putra Parlindungan No.6 dated February 12, 1959 under the name PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jambi.

In order to perfecting this institution through Habropoerwanto Notary Act No.70 dated October 12, 1959 the amendment as necessary and approved by the Minister of Justice of Republic of. JA/5/115/6 November 6, 1969 and published in the supplement thereto Republic of. 110 104 December 29, 1959.

Through Regulation Provinces jambi No.3 of 1963 with the ratification of the Minister of Home Affairs No.. Des.9/32/127-164 dated 25 September 1964 PT. Regional Development Banks Jambi Jambi into the Regional Development Banks.

Jambi BPD was established with the intent to support and encourage regional development and economic growth in developing regions in order to heighten the standard of living.

In carrying out its functions BPD Jambi acted as Development Bank, Commercial Bank, holder of treasury and is one source of local revenue.

In accordance with Regulation No. Jambi Provinces. 13 In 1992, BPD Jambi Capital of Rp 10 billion, at the end of 1998 have been met. Thus Capital has fulfilled the partial amendment of Regulation 13 of 1992, namely the Regional Regulation No.5 of 1999 on the First Amendment Regulation Provinces of Jambi Jambi Regional Development Banks.

Changes in Local Regulation No.5 of 1999 only in the authorized capital clause originally BPD Jambi transform Rp 10 billion to $ 50 billion and the share of shares of each Local Government.

In accordance with the results of BPD Diligance Due Jambi in the category A. Bank IndonesiaLowongan Kerja BI - Bank Indonesia. Read more ... » No.31/9/UpwB/AdWB1/Jb/Rahasia by letter dated January 21, 1999, so the BPD Jambi does not need to follow the recapitalization program.

Company Contact


Jobs Available

PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jambi
Jl. Jendral Achmad Yani No.18 Telanaipura Jambi 36122
requires :

  1. Bachelor All Programs Code (S) to be placed as Accounts Officer (MarketingLowongan Kerja Bank BJB Syariah Kantor Cabang Depok. Read more ... ») and credit administration
  2. Three Diploma (DIII) All Programs Code (D) to be placed as Customer Service, Teller and Corporate Secretary
  3. Senior Secondary School (SLTA) Code (SL) to be placed as Basic Employee

Jobs Description

General Provisions:

  • WNI
  • Good conduct issued by the police
  • Submissive and obedient to the 1945 Constitution and the Pancasila state philosophy
  • Declared fit to run a job as a bank clerk by a doctor who ditunnjuk Bank
  • Have the educational background, skills or expertise in accordance with the desired qualifications of the Bank
  • Not to exceed the age of 27 years for S1 with minimum GPA of 3.0, the age of 24 years for education D3 with minimum GPA of 3.0 and the age of 20 years for senior high school education with an average value of at least 7.0 STTB
  • Note: “age up to the announcement is published”
  • Not married and willing to not get married for 2 (two) years since the employee was appointed as honorary
  • Never be dismissed with no respect from other agencies
  • Willing to be placed throughout the Office of PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jambi
  • The code lists the Education Levels in the upper right corner of the envelope
  • Application letter was handwritten, stamped Rp. 6000, – by attaching:
    1. Curriculum Vitae
    2. A copy of the diploma / STTB legitimate which has been legalized
    3. Both Behave letter from the Police
    4. Colors Photograph size 4 X 6 cm 4 pieces
    5. Copy of valid ID card

Sites Reference

  1. www.bankjambi.co.id
  2. informasicpnsbumn.com
  3. Download Full Advertisement (Indonesian language)

Submit Application

Application addressed to:
PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jambi PO BOX 333

Closing Date

selambatnya  Cap Pos 31 Januari 2012 dengan menggunakan kilat khusus


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