Lowongan CPNS Magetan Kab

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Lowongan CPNS Kab Magetan

About Kabupaten Magetan

Kabupaten Magetan is a regency in East Java province , Indonesia . The capital is Magetan . The district is bordered on the north by Ngawi , City of Madison and Madison County in the east , Ponorogo , and Karanganyar and Wonogiri ( both including Central Java province ) . Iswahyudi Airport , one of the main base for the Indonesian Air Force in the eastern part of Indonesia , located in the district Maospati . Magetan consists of 19 districts , which consists of 208 villages and 27 urban villages . Magetan crossed by major highways Madiun – Surabaya – Yogyakarta and cross the railway line south of the island of Java , but the line is not crossed Magetan capital . The only station located in Magetan district is located in the West Station area of ??West District . Lawu mountain ( 3,265 m ) is located in the western part Magetan , the border with Central Java . In mountainous areas , there are Sarangan ( 1000 m asl ) , one of the prime tourist district , which is located in the tourist track Magetan – Sarangan – Tawangmangu – Karanganyar . Magetan known for leather goods ( for footwear and bags ) , woven bamboo , rengginan , and production pamelo ( grapefruit ) and lempengnya crackers made ??from rice .

Magetan History

We all know through history books or historical relics themselves , that the areas in Indonesia in general and includes the island of Java , in the ancient kingdoms controlled by large and small . This is no exception regarding the areas east mountain Lawu , which we now know as Magetan area .

In the history books Magetan already mentioned , that we may not disclose the history Magetan without express problems nearby kingdom ruling and the problems VOC or Dutch Company . Here are the events associated with the birth of Magetan :

Hanyokrokusumo death of Sultan Agung in 1645 marked a milestone in the decline in the glory of the kingdom of Mataram . He was very persistent against VOC , while his successor was Sultan Amangkurat I Mataram kingdom which occupied the throne in the year 1646-1677 in which a weak stance against the VOC or Dutch Company .

In 1646 Sultan Amangkurat I entered into an agreement with the VOC , VOC can reinforce themselves so as to be free from attack Mataram , even the influence of VOCs can freely enter Mataram . Mataram kingdom became weaker , become limited seafaring trades are not allowed to sail to the island of Banda , Ambon and Ternate . These events led to the growth of the negative responses to the Sultan Amangkurat I in the palace , especially the opposition parties , including his own son the Duke Anom who later holds Amangkurat II . The events in the central government is always followed by local Mataram Abroad , so that the prince Giri highly influential in the coastal area north of the island of Java, was getting ready to break away from the power of Mataram . At that time a prince from Madura named Trunojoyo very disappointed at her uncle called prince Cakraningrat II because they too ignore Madura and just having fun at the seat of government of Mataram . Trunojoyo launched a rebellion against Mataram in 1674 .

In such an atmosphere relatives Mataram palace named Seed or Wet Wet Gondokusumo and Mataram duke named prince Nrang Kusumo accused clerics allied with the opposition and against the wisdom of Sultan Amangkurat I. The charges were relegated to gedong Gondokusumo Wet Yellow Semarang for 40 days his grandfather ‘s residence place called Wet Suryaningrat . Patih Nrang Kusumo resign and go meditate to the east mountain Lawu . He was replaced by his younger brother Prince Nrang Boyo II . Both the governor ‘s son Nrang Boyo ( Kanjeng Gusti Mataram Susuhunan Giri IV ) .

In the exile Wet Gondokusumo gets advice from his grandfather , the Wet Suryaningrat and then he withdrew to the area both east mountain Lawu . He chose this place because both received the news that the east mountain forest chronicle Lawu being held . Chronicle forest was carried out by a great-grandfather named Ki Suro , who then holds Ki Ageng Brittle . Implementation of this forest chronicle on the basis of command Ki Ageng Mageti as the forerunner of the area .

To get a piece of land to live on the east mountain Lawu , and Wet Wet Suryaningrat Gondokusumo Ki Ageng Mageti meet at his residence the hamlet Gandong Kidul ( South Gandong ) , place around the town square Magetan through Ki Ageng Brittle . Outcome of this meeting was given a plot of land Suryaningrat Wet the north river gandong , precisely in the village district Tambran Magetan city now . The incident occurred after a heated debate over the Ki Ageng Mageti with Wet Suryaningrat . Through this debate Ki Ageng Wet Suryaningrat Mageti know that not only relatives palace of Mataram , Mataram but elders who need shelter . Because it finally Ki Ageng Mageti devote his property as evidence of loyalty to Mataram . Wet soil Suryaningrat after receiving offerings of Ki Ageng Mageti grandson was at once inaugurated the Wet Gondokusumo become the new ruler in place with a degree Yosonegoro which became known as the Regent Yosonegoro . The incident occurred on October 12, 1675 . Wet Wet Gondokusumo Suryaningrat and feel very big heart , because it has gained ground in the form of offering a large area and full of strategic calculation , also get a reliable companion loyalty , ie Ki Ageng Mageti . That’s why the new ground was named Magetian , and eventually changed its name to Magetan .

Magetan Kab


Jobs Available

Pemkab Magetan open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as :


Formasi CPNS Magetan 2014

Guru Kelas Pertama S1 PGSD III/a 1
Guru Penjasorkes Pertama S1 Pendidikan Jasmani /Olahraga Kesehatan III/a 1
Guru Agama Islam Pertama S1 Pendidikan Agama Islam III/a 1
Dokter Pertama Dokter Umum III/b 1
Dokter Gigi Pertama Dokter Gigi III/b 1
Perawat Pelaksana D III Keperawatan II/c 1
Bidan Pelaksana D III Kebidanan II/c 2
Analis Anggaran S1 Akuntansi III/a 2
Analis Hukum S1 Hukum III/a 1
Analis Kependudukan S1 Administrasi Negara/Antropologi/Ilmu komunikasi/Hukum/Ilmu Ekonomi/Hubungan Internasional III/a 1
Analis Pajak/Retribusi Daerah S1 Ekonomi Manajemen/Hukum/Administrasi Negara/Manajemen/Kebijakan Publik/Ilmu Ekonomi Studi Pembangunan III/a 2
Analis Peta Wilayah S1 Geografi III/a 1
Pranata Komputer Pertama S1 Komputer/ Informatika III/a 1
Pranata Komputer Pelaksana D III Komputer/ Informatika II/c 1
Pengadministrasi Keuangan D III Akuntansi II/c 1
Analis Pakan Ternak S1 Studi Ilmu dan Industri Peternakan III/a 1

Jobs Description


  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Devoted to God Almighty.
  • Have high integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
  • Not located as CPNS / PNS, Candidates / Members of TNI / Police.
  • Not located as members or officials of political parties
  • There was never dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as PNS / TNI / police or dishonorably discharged as a private employee
  • There was never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions.
  • Well-behaved.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Not consuming narcotics and other addictive substances, Drug Exemption Certificate from Government Hospital attached to the end of the selection process after graduation
  • Willing to be placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Applicants age requirement: Diploma in accordance with the required educational qualifications.
  • As low as 18 years and a maximum of 35 years commencing on January 1, 2015.
  • For Applicants who are older than 35 (thirty five) years and a maximum of 40 (forty) years old at the time of an application, for which work on institutions or private institutions that are legal entities that support the national interest of at least 5 (five) years at 17 April 2002 as evidenced by a copy of a valid (legalized) Decree of the First Employment Contract Appointment or s / d last and is still actively working on an ongoing basis as evidenced by a Certificate of Leadership / Institutions.

Qualifications Education / Learning Graduate Certificate / Diploma must be held in accordance with the task / job, provided that:

a. Recognized diploma / diploma appreciated was obtained from the School or State University and / or diploma obtained from the School or Private Universities that have been accredited and / or has received permission from the Minister that the organization held government affairs in the field of education or other officer legislation based education authorities.

b. Diploma obtained from private colleges after the entry into force of Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 184 / U / 2001, which have not been listed operating license from the Minister who held government affairs in the field of education or other officer of legislation based education authority, must attach a letter information / statements of college leaders.

Certificate / statement stating that the faculty / department concerned has received the operating license of the Minister held government affairs in the field of education or other officer of legislation based education authorities, by stating the number and date of decision.

c. Obtained a diploma from the school / college abroad must obtain an order from the Committee equivalency diploma Assessment Ministry of Foreign Affairs which held government affairs in the field of education.

Grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.7

Completing the following application requirements specified attachments



Registration time and Implementation Exam

  • a. Registration is open starting on 05 s / d 19 September 2014 through the National Portal Online http://panselnas.menpan.go.id to get a username and password which is then used to log into http://sscn.bkn.go.id.
  • b. Waiting for test execution schedule of BKN and can be seen in http://bkd.magetankab.go.id.

Registration Procedure

Application was handwritten in black ink on unlined paper folio addressed to REGENT MAGETAN without stamp (see attached example).

In the application must include:

  1. N a m a: write the full name
  2. Place, Date of Birth: write place of birth, date month year
  3. Age: is calculated from the date of birth of applicants until January 1, 2015
  4. Gender: Male / Female
  5. Religion: It’s clear
  6. Status (married / not married / widow / widower)
  7. Education: appropriate educational qualifications proposed.
  8. Proposed position: write the name of the proposed position
  9. Code Formation: Formation write appropriate code proposed position and educational qualifications
  10. Address: The address must be complete and clear, easily accessible by the Post.
  11. Telephone number / Mobile: write the phone number / mobile which can easily be reached

Enclosing an application letter with:

  1. Photocopy of Identity Card is still valid.
  2. Recent photograph latest black and white size 3 x 4 cm 4 sheets with applicants name and code stamped on the back of the formation.
  3. Photocopy STTB / diploma (not a temporary certificate / graduation certificate / proof judicium) along with transcripts and attach a Teaching Certificate in accordance with the proposed position of diploma and certified competent authority as attached, with the following provisions:
  4. For the education of foreign diploma needs to be attached letter of determination equal recognition from the Minister responsible for education after first assessed by the assessment team abroad Diploma in Higher Education Directorate General or Minister of Religion / director for religious education.
  5. Diploma for private universities not accredited before the enactment of the minister’s decision No. 184 / U / 2001 dated 23 November 2001 should already validated by Kopertis.
  6. Diploma of private universities have civil effect is diploma from private universities have received operating license from the Ministry of National Education.
  7. Checklist sheet placed topmost application file
  8. For those who resigned after it passed the selection test / exam candidates for Civil Servants are willing to pay damages of USD 50,000,000.00 (fifty million dollars) were paid to the Government Treasury Magetan corroborated by an affidavit signed by the participants in the above stamp Rp. 6,000, -
  9. Pranko reply envelope along with the full name and address of the applicant by including RT, RW, Street, Name of the Village / Village, District and phone number / mobile are easily accessible and reachable by post.

d. Cover letter and attachments made ??copies of 1 (one) inserted in the brown envelope size 25 x 35 cm:

Addressed to the Regent Hove Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 1 Hove East.

At the front of the upper left corner of the application envelope imprinted posts CPNSD APPLICATION KAB. MAGETAN 2014 participants name, code and name formation proposed position, a writing sample enclosed envelope:

Example To Applicants Master BP / BK SMK with S1 Education Diploma BP / BK:

  • Name: (It’s obvious)
  • Job Code: 1005007
  • Position Name: Teachers BP / BK SMK, Education S1 BP / BK

e. For those who passed the selection test / exam candidates for Civil Servants are willing to complete the paperwork requirements specified later


  • Registration is free of charge.
  • Application file that has entered into a Government-owned Magetan as documents and not returned.
  • Cover letter and filed before or after the specified deadline will be invalid.
  • Application outside the provisions referred to in this announcement declared ineligible.
  • Committee’s decision is final.
  • This announcement can also be viewed on the website with the address BKD Magetan http://bkd.magetankab.go.id/
  • Admission Information Services Committee candidate for Civil Servants Regency Hove Year 2014 (0351) 7906383
  • Source: http://bkd.magetankab.go.id

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