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Lowongan Penerimaan CPNS KPU

About Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU)

Komisi Pemilihan Umum – KPU is a state agency that organizes elections in Indonesia. Chairman of KPU at this time is Husni Kamil Manik.

Briefly as possible, KPU present a fourth KPU established since the first Reform Commission 1998 (1999-2001) established by Presidential Decree No. 16 Year 1999, consisting of 53 members, representatives from the government and political parties. Commission first inaugurated President BJ Habibie. The second Commission (2001-2007) established by Presidential Decree No. 10 Year 2001, consisting of 11 people, from academic and NGO elements. The second Commission was appointed by President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) on 11 April 2001.

The third Commission (2007-2012) established pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 101 / P / 2007, which contains seven members from the Provincial KPU members, academics, researchers and bureaucrats sworn dated October 23, 2007 minus Syamsulbahri which nevertheless inaugurated President due to legal issues.

To deal with the implementation of the 2009 General Election, KPU image should be changed so that KPU can function effectively and are able to facilitate the implementation of free and fair elections. The implementation of free and fair elections is an important factor for the election of representatives of a higher quality, and capable of giving a voice to the people. As a member of KPU, as the moral integrity of election management is very important, in addition to being the driving force KPU KPU also make more credible in the eyes of the community because it is supported by personalized and fair.

Exactly three years after the end of the elections of 2004, emerging thinking among government and Parliament to improve the quality of elections, one of which is the quality of the election organizers. As organizers of the election, KPU demanded an independent and non-partisan.

For that upon the recommendation of the House of Representatives prepare initiatives and joint government ratified Law No. 22 Year 2007 on the Election. Election organizers previous existence contained in Article 22-E of the Constitution of 1945 and Act No. 12 of 2003 on the Election of DPR, DPD and DPRD, Law No. 23 of 2003 on the Election of President and Vice President.

In Law No. 22 Year 2007 on the Election set about organizing the General Election conducted by the National Election Commission (KPU) is a national, permanent, and independent. National nature reflects that the work area and responsibility as the organizer of the General Election Commission covering the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Nature still shows KPU as an institution performing functions continuously though limited by a specific tenure. Independent nature confirms the General Election Commission in conducting free from the influence of any party.

An important change in the law No. 22 of 2007 on the Election, including the setting of the providers Election of Members of the House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council and Legislative Council; General Election of President and Vice President; and the Regional Head Election and Deputy Head of the previous regulated in some legislation later refined in 1 (one) laws are more comprehensive.

In Law No. 22 Year 2007 on the Election set the KPU, Provincial and Regency / City as an electoral management body are permanent and Bawaslu as elections watchdog agency. Commission in carrying out its duties in accordance with responsible legislation and in the implementation of all phases of elections and other tasks. Commission report to the President of the House of Representatives.

Law No. 22 Year 2007 on the Election also set the position of the selection committee which includes PPK, PPS, KPPS and PPLN and KPPSLN which is the organizer of the General Election ad hoc. The committee has an important role in the implementation of all phases of general elections in order to oversee the establishment of the General Election of direct, public, free, confidential, honest, and fair.

In order to realize the KPU and Bawaslu who has integrity and credibility as Election, formulated and established the Election Code. In order for the Election Code can be applied in the general elections, formed Honor Council KPU, Provincial, and Bawaslu.

In the Law No. 12 Year 2003 concerning General Election DPR, DPD and DPRD, members of KPU number is 11 people. With the enactment of Law No. 22 Year 2007 on the Election, the number of members of KPU was reduced to 7 people. Reducing the number of members of KPU from 11 to 7 is not fundamentally alter the division of duties, functions, powers and obligations of KPU in planning and implementing stages, schedules and mechanisms Election House of Representatives, Parliament, Election of President / Vice-President and Regional Head Election and Deputy Head.

According to Law No. 22 Year 2007 on the Election, the composition of the membership of KPU must consider the representation of women at least 30% (thirty percent). Commission membership period of 5 (five) years from the taking of the oath / pledge.

Election organizers guided by the principle: self; honest; fair; legal certainty; Election organizers orderly; public interest; openness; proportionality; professionalism; accountability; efficiency and effectiveness.

Candidates for the election of members of KPU-according to Law Number 22 Year 2007 regarding Presidential Election is shaping-Team Selection Committee candidate member of KPU dated May 25, 2007 which consists of five people who helped establish the prospective members of KPU President is then submitted to the House of Representatives to keep fit and proper test. In accordance with the wording of Article 13 paragraph (3) of Act N0 22 of 2007 on the Election, Team Member Candidate Selection Commission on July 9, 2007 has received 545 applicants who are interested in becoming a candidate member of KPU. Of the 545 applicants, 270 people pass selection for the administrative follow the written test. Of the 270 candidates who pass the test administration, 45 members of the KPU candidates qualify the written test and track record was announced on July 31, 2007.

Duties and authority of KPU



In Article 10 of Law No. 3 of 1999 on General Elections and Article 2 of Presidential Decree No. 16 Year 1999 on the Establishment of the National Election Commission and the Establishment of Organization and Work of the General Secretariat of the General Election Commission, explained that in order to implement the General Election, KPU has the authority to task as follows:

  1. Plan and prepare for the General Election;
  2. Receive, investigate and establish political parties are entitled as a participant of the General Election;
  3. Form the Indonesian Election Committee, hereinafter referred PPI and coordinate the activities of the General Election from the central level to at polling stations, hereinafter referred to TPS;
  4. Sets the number of seats in the House of Representatives, in level I and II Parliament for each constituency;
  5. Establishes the overall results of the General Election in all the electoral districts for the DPR, DPRD I and DPRD II;
  6. Collecting and systematized the material as well as data from the General Election;
  7. Leading the activity phase of the General Election.

Jobs Available

Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as :


Formasi CPNS KPU 2014

Analis Pemilihan Umum S1-Ilmu Hukum III/a
S1-Ilmu Komunikasi III/a
S1-Ilmu Politik III/a
Pranata Komputer Pelaksana D3-Komputer II/c
Verifikator Keuangan D3-Akuntansi II/c
Analis Anggaran S1-Ekonomi Akuntansi III/a
Analis Informatika S1-Komputer III/a
Analis Produk Hukum S1-Hubungan Masyarakat III/a
S1-Ilmu Hukum III/a
S1-Hubungan Masyarakat III/a
Analis Barang dan Jasa S1-Ekonomi Akuntansi III/a
Analis Hukum S1-Ilmu Hukum III/a
Analis Keuangan S1-Ekonomi Akuntansi III/a
Auditor Pertama S1-Ekonomi Akuntansi III/a
S1-Teknik Sipil III/a
Pengelola Perpustakaan D3-Perpustakaan II/c
Analis Angkutan Laut S1Manajemen Transportasi Laut III/a
Analis Angkutan Darat S1Manajemen Logistik III/a
Analis Kerjasama Pusat dan Daerah S1-Ilmu Komunikasi II/c

Jobs Description

a. General requirements
1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI) who have educational qualifications (degree and majors) in accordance with the required formation;
2 Behave well and was never sentenced to prison or jail by a court decision that has been legally binding for committing a criminal act.
3 Never dishonorably discharged at his own request or not dishonorably discharged as PNS / Members military / police or dishonorably discharged as a private employee.
4 Not located as CPNS / PNS / Prospective Members military / police and the members of the military / police and not being tied to an agreement / contract with any party.
5. not be administrators and / or members of a political party.

b. Special Requirements
1 Certified Degree (S1) and Diploma (D3) in accordance with the selected applicants formation position.
2 Graduate University Affairs or private universities accredited by the National Accreditation Board B (BAN PT) or Foreign Universities which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, with the requirements of the grade point average (GPA) of at least:
a) State College (PTN) of at least 2.90 (two point ninety)
b) Private Universities (PTS) of at least 3.00 (three point zero zero).
3 Has the competence and qualifications appropriate to the required position formations.
4.-Old as low as 18 years (eighteen) years and a maximum of 35 (thirty years) on October 1, 2014.
5. For applying for the post of:
- Institution of Computer and Information Analyst, minimal controls:
a. Network and data communications;
b. Programming languages??;
c. Hardware and software.
- Legal Analyst, Analyst General Election (S1 Legal Studies), and Product Analyst Law (Legal Studies S1) preferred Criminal Law courses and constitutional law
6 Prospective applicants can register online at the website address: http://sscn.bkn.go.id and http://panselnas.menpan.go.id.

1 Fill out an online registration form and after filling the registration form through the website in point 1 above, the applicant can print a proof of registration and menandantanganinya with black ink.
2 Receipt of registration and complete application documents as in paragraph a (registration requirements) delivered and addressed to:
a) The Secretary General of the Human Resources Bureau Chief Election Commission up to the applicants at the Secretariat General of the Commission.
b) Secretary General of the Commission up. Secretary of the Provincial Election Commission intended for Prospective Applicants to the Provincial KPU Secretariat.
3 Applicants may only apply to one (1) formation.
4 Sending the following files:
a) Cover letter handwritten in black ink stamped Rp. 6.000, – and address of the applicant must be written in full by stating, zip code, phone number and home phone number;
b) Curriculum Vitae (DRH) which can be downloaded from the online account applicants on the site;
c) unauthorized copy Fofo STTB / diploma certified by a competent authority;
d) Copy of Academic Transcript legitimate legalized by the competent authorities;
e) Copy of valid certificate of accreditation Peguruan Private legalized by the competent authority;
f) Copy of ID card;
g) color photograph last 6 months 3 x 4 cm 3 (three) pieces and on the back of the photo is written the name of the applicant;
h) In the application file, attach a Statement on Mandatory Requirements common points (eg the Statement can be downloaded on the Commission’s website: www.kpu.go.id.
5.All the completeness neatly arranged in the order above and included in the folder. The folder is inserted into the brown envelope, on the top left corner of the envelope affixed registration number, office, an educational qualification delivered by post (PO BOX … ..);
6 Applicants who do not follow the procedures and requirements that have been determined then be disqualified.

Selection Administration


1 Applicants who meet the administrative requirements will be announced online at the website address: http://www.kpu.go.id, http://panselnas.menpan.go.id and http://sscn.bkn.go.id . .
2 Quota for participants who passed the administrative selection as much as 20 times the number of vacancies formation is based on the best qualified will be announced and be able to follow the Basic Ability Test (TKD).
3 For Applicants who meet the administrative requirements examinees sign the card gets through the Secretariat General of the Commission or Provincial Election Commission Secretariat addressed the application.
4. Terms exam to bring:
a. The original ID card,
b. Examinees sign the card.
5. Material Exam consists of:
a. Basic Competence Test (TKD), consisting of:
1) Test Insights Nationality (TWK);
2) General Intelligence Test (TIU);
3) Personal Characteristics Test (TKP).
b. Competency Test Field (TKB) for the pass TKD, consisting of:
1) Written Test Property
2) Written Test Personality;
3) Group discussion and interview.
6 Announcement and exam schedule can be found on online sites http://panselnas.menpan.go.id and http://sscn.bkn.go.id or www.kpu.go.id.
7 If a participant does not attend the exam on a predetermined schedule, the participants can not take the test and be disqualified.


  • CPNS TKD test will be performed with the CAT system. CAT training material CPNS: Click Here
  • Party organizers are not responsible for any fees or offer form by rogue elements in the name of the Procurement Team CPNS 2014, so that participants will not serve the bids to ease penerimaansebagai candidate for Civil Servants 2014.
  • Applicants / examinees are prohibited from communicating with the officers / employees of the Commission or Provincial Election Commission CPNS procurement team in relation to the selection process.
  • Official information regarding selection CPNS 2014 can only be viewed in the online site http://panselnas.menpan.go.id and http://sscn.bkn.go.id or www.kpu.go.id.
  • Applicants are encouraged to continue to monitor the site to see the time and place of execution of the exam or other important announcements.
  • Each applicant is only allowed to send one application file and apply only to the function name. If there are two applicants send resume to different positions, the Procurement Team CPNS 2014 will menggugurkankedua such applications.
  • Procurement CPNS 2014 team only process the application file which has the registration number.
  • Procurement CPNS 2014 team only receives the application file submitted via the Post Office that has been determined and do not accept other application delivery formats.
  • Applicants are not allowed to attach documents other than those specified Procurement Team CPNS 2014.
  • Application file that has been received by the Procurement Team Team employess proprietary, and can not be held back by the applicant.
  • Application file submitted to the Procurement team before the announcement of the procurement of civil servant civil servant declared invalid.
  • For participants who have passed the selection, but then resigned in question will be subject to a fine of Rp. 25.000.000, – (twenty five million dollars) to be deposited into the State Treasury.
  • Any applicants who provide the data and information is not correct and is harmful, canceled graduation and may be prosecuted in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Procurement CPNS team, can put the participants who pass the selection in the General Election Commission Secretariat entire territory of Indonesia.
  • Team decision Procurement CPNS inviolable and absolute.
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