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Lowongan Penerimaan CPNS BPN

ABout Badan Pertanahan Nasional Republik Indonesia

Badan Pertanahan Nasional Republik Indonesia or BPN or The National Land Agency of Republic of Indonesia is a Non Department Government Institution in Indonesia which has the task to carry out government duties in the area of ??land in national, regional and sectoral. The Institution formerly known as Kantor Agraria and regulated by Presidential Decree Number 10 Year 2006 on National Land Agency. The Institution’s head office based in Jakarta and located in Jl Sisingamangaraja No 2, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12110. Since 2012, BPN lead by Hendarman Supanji replaced Joyo Winoto, Ph.D.


  1. An institution that is able to realize the land and the land for the maximum benefit of the people , as well as the fairness and sustainability of social systems , nationhood and statehood of the Republic of Indonesia.


  1. Developing and conducting political and land policies to :
  2. Improving people’s welfare , the creation of new sources of prosperity , reduce poverty and income inequality , as well as strengthening food security .
  3. increasing order of life with a more equitable and dignified in connection with the acquisition , ownership , use and exploitation of land ( P4T ) .
  4. The embodiment of the life together in harmony by addressing a variety of disputes , conflicts and cases of land throughout the country and arrangement of the legal system and the land management system that does not give birth to disputes , conflicts and cases in the future .
  5. Sustainability of the social system , Indonesian nation and state by providing access to the widest on the future generations of the soil as a source of public welfare .
  6. Strengthen institutions in accordance with the spirit of the land , the spirit , principles and rules embodied in the BAL and aspirations of the people at large.


  1. In carrying out the task as intended , BPN has the functions:
  2. Formulation of national policies in the area of ​​land .
  3. Technical policy formulation in the land sector .
  4. Coordination of policies , plans and programs in the land sector .
  5. Coaching and general administrative services in the land sector .
  6. Organization and execution of surveys , measurements and mapping in the land sector .
  7. The registration of the land in order to ensure legal certainty .
  8. Setting and determination of rights over land .
  9. Implementation of land use management , land reform and structuring specific areas .
  10. Preparation of land administration which controlled and / or owned by the state / region in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance .
  11. Supervision and control of land ownership tenure .
  12. Cooperation with other institutions .
  13. Organization and execution of policies , plans and programs in the land sector .
  14. Community empowerment in the land sector .
  15. Assessment and treatment issues , disputes , cases and conflicts in the land sector .
  16. Assessment and development of land law .
  17. Research and development in the land sector .
  18. Education , training and human resource development in the land sector .
  19. Management of data and information in the field of land .
  20. Functional coaching institutions related to land issues .
  21. Cancellation and termination of the legal relationship between the person and / or legal entities with the land in accordance with the legislation in force .
  22. Other functions in the area of ​​land suitable laws and regulations in force .


Jobs Available

Badan Pertanahan Nasional Republik Indonesia open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high  integrity  and  commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS / ASN)  as :


Formasi CPNS BPN 2014

  1. Analis Permohonan Hak Tanah dan Pendaftaran Tanah : Sarjana (Hukum)
  2. Analis Pengelola Barang Milik Negara : Sarjana (Ekonomi Manajemen/Hukum Administrasi Negara/Manajemen/ Kebijakan Publik/Ekonomi Pembangunan)
  3. Pengadministrasi Keuangan : Diploma III (Manajemen/Akuntansi / Komputer Akuntansi)
  4. Verifikator Berkas Permohonan Hak : Diploma III (Administrasi Pertanahan/ Survey dan Pemetaan)
  5. Pengolah Data Pengukuran dan Pemetaan : Diploma I (Pengukuran dan Pemetaan Kadastral)
  6. Pengadministrasi Umum : SMK (Bisnis dan Manajemen/Teknologi Informasi dan Komputer)

Jobs Description

I. General Requirements:
a. Indonesian Citizens fear of God Almighty, loyal and obedient to the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.
b. Well-behaved and never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions that already have permanent legal force, due to perform a criminal act, as evidenced by a Certificate of Police Notes.
c. Willing to be placed at the Work Unit in accordance with the option of online registration, expressed with a Statement signed on the stamp Rp 6,000, -.
d. Berkeadaan healthy, evidenced by a Certificate of Physical and Spiritual Health made ??by Government Hospital Doctor.
e. Not consume / use of narcotics, evidenced by the Certificate of Consuming / Using Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances, Precursors and Other Addictive Substances of government health care units.
f. There was never dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as a Civil Servant / Members Military / Police or private employees, expressed with a Statement signed on the stamp Rp 6,000, -.
g. Not located as a candidate for Civil Servants and not being tied to an agreement or contract with other agencies, is expressed with a Statement signed on the stamp Rp 6.000, -.
(Requirements letter b sd g comes after passed the selection CPNS)

II. Special Requirements:
a. age:
1 Minimum 1 September 2014 on 18-year-old for all levels of education
Maximum 2 on 1 September 2014:
- Bachelor: 28 years
- Diploma III: 25 years
- Diploma I: 34 years
- CMS: 23 years
b. The average score STTB value and grade point average (GPA)
1 For applicants with a vocational education qualification, the average value of at least 7.00 STTB
2 For applicants with educational qualification Diploma I, a minimum GPA of 2.00
3 For applicants with a Diploma qualifications:
- Graduates of State Universities / Private Study Program Accredited A minimum GPA of 2.75
- Graduates of State Universities / Private Study Program Accredited with B, a minimum GPA of 3.00
- Graduates of State Universities / Private Study Program Accredited by C, a minimum GPA of 3.25
4 For applicants with Bachelor qualifications:
- Graduates of State Universities / Private Study Program Accredited A minimum GPA of 2.75
- Graduates of State Universities / Private Study Program Accredited with B, a minimum GPA of 3.00



1. opened online registration start date of August 27, 2014 until the date of 10 September 2014.
2 Registration is done online through the national portal with http://panselnas.menpan.go.id address. continued to http://sscn.bkn.go.id.
3 Applicants must choose Name Position and Job Placement Unit Location, and Location Exam (Basic Competence Test) available at the time of registration.
4 For Applicants who have done the registration system and by otherwise qualified, will get a registration number which should be printed, and then shipped to other requirements specified file.
5. file that must be completed include:
a. Cover letter signed on the stamp Rp 6,000, – addressed to:

Tim Pengadaan Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil
Biro Organisasi dan Kepegawaian Badan Pertanahan Nasional RI
Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 2 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12014

b. The prints Registration Number obtained at the time of online registration and signed.
c. Recent photograph size 3×4 cm (black and white) 1 sheet (note the name on the back of the photo).
d. Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP) is still valid.
e. Copies of diplomas and transcripts are certified by:
- University / Institute: Rector / Dean / Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
- High School: Chairman / Vice Chairman for Academic Affairs
- School: Principal / Vice Principal
f. The printout determination Accreditation by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (can be printed in-pt.kemdiknas.go.id/direktori.php http://ban). (This sequence applies to the preparation of the file on the application folder)
6 Letter of application along with file attachments neatly arranged in the order in a folder and put in a brown envelope with the written word “APPLICATION” in the upper right corner, with the color map as follows:
a. Dark Red Color for Job Application Analyst Land Rights and the Land Registry;
b. Pink color for business analyst positions of State Property;
c. Green color for Pengadministrasi Financial Position;
d. Dark Blue Color for the Right Application File Position verifier;
e. Light Blue color for Position Measurement Data Processing and Mapping;
f. Yellow color for Position General Pengadministrasi.
7 Completeness file as mentioned in item 5 above or sent through Postal Service Delivery start date of August 26, 2014 and received no later than the Procurement Team employess dated 12 September 2014 at 16:00 pm.
8. permanent residence address (mailing address) to clear and complete written in capital letters on the back of an envelope.
9 Procurement Team employess do not accept and will not process applications delivered directly to the Head Office of BPN RI.
10 File an application that is incomplete or not accompanied by the registration number found ineligible.
11. For applicants who have been known to provide / fill data is not correct at the time of registering, Procurement Team employess cancel its participation in the selection of CPNS BPN RI.
12. Application documents received by the Procurement Team Procurement Team employess belong CPNS and can not be held back by the applicant.

1 Applicants who qualify will be called for the administration of the exam (Basic Competence Test / TKD) by using Computer Assisted Test.
2 Name of exam candidates who meet the administrative requirements and location of the exam will be announced later via the BPN website RI, the announcement also serves as a test call letter.

1 Time Trials / Selection: will be announced later
2 The Examination / Selection: Attached

  • TKD Exam 3 Material: – Test Insights Nationality, – General Intelligence Test, – Personal Characteristics Test
  • Submit Application


  • CPNS test will be done online with the CAT system. CAT training material CPNS: Click Here
  • Closing date 10 September 2014.
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.
  • Source

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