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Lowongan CPNS Kab Bogor (Formasi, Persyaratan Pendaftaran)

About Kabupaten Bogor

Kabupaten Bogor is a district in West Java province , Indonesia . The capital is Cibinong . The district is bordered by Tangerang Regency ( Banten ) , Depok , Bekasi , and Bekasi to the north ; Khanewal district in the east , Cianjur and Sukabumi district in the south , as well as Lebak ( Banten ) in the west . Bogor district consists of 40 districts , which are further divided over a number of villages and wards. District government center in Cibinong .

Bogor district largely consists of three regions and 40 districts . Subdistricts are divided over a number of villages and wards. Bogor district government center located in District Cibinong , which is located on the north the city of Bogor . Official Name Bogor Regency to the Eastern Conference . More use CIBUBUR name .

Bogor district is crossed by the highway Jakarta – Bogor – Ciawi ( Jagorawi ) . This highway is the main tourist track from Jakarta to Bandung . It passes through the Toll Road Jagorawi – Bandung – Puncak – Cianjur . Ciawi – peak lane is one of the densest in the holiday season , because the area is a vacation spot people in Jakarta and surrounding areas .

If the jammed main tourist track , which usually occurs on the holidays , it can use an alternative route through the Cibubur – Cullinan – Jonggol – Cariu – Cianjur – Bandung .

For rail transport , there is a Jakarta – Bogor KRL path , where path is continued until the trains to Sukabumi , Cianjur , and finally in Padalarang , united with the line of the railway line which will then cikampek to Bandung .

Recreation Places

  1. Puncak
  2. Taman Safari
  3. Kebun Raya Cibodas
  4. Gunung Salak Endah (Gn. Bunder)
  5. Gunung Gede Pangrango
  6. Gunung Salak
  7. Sirkuit Sentul
  8. Taman Wisata Mekarsari
  9. Hutan Pinus Catang Malang
  10. Taman Wisata Air Panas Tirta Sanita Ciseeng

Mekarsari located in Jonggol , Cullinan and is one of the centers of biodiversity conservation of tropical fruits in the world, especially the kind of superior fruits collected from all regions in Indonesia . In addition to conservation , cultivation was also research ( agronomy ) , breeding (breeding ) and multiplication of quality seeds to farmers and then disseminated to the general public .

Bogor Kab


Jobs Available

Kabupaten Bogor open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as :


Formasi CPNS Kab Bogor 2014

Guru Kelas Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar / PGMI III/a 25
Guru Bahasa Indonesia Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia III/a 3
Guru Matematika Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Matematika III/a 3
Guru Bimbingan Konseling Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Bimbingan Konseling/Konseling III/a 8
Guru Fisika Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Fisika III/a 3
Guru Penjasorkes Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Jasmani/Olahraga Kesehatan III/a 3
Guru Sosiologi Pertama S.1 Ilmu Kependidikan Sosiologi III/a 2
Guru Multimedia Pertama S1 Ilmu Kependidikan Desain Grafis/Teknik Multimedia III/a 1
Dokter Pertama Dokter III/b 4
Perawat Pertama S.1 Ilmu Keperawatan+NERS III/a 2
Perawat Pelaksana D.III Keperawatan II/c 20
Apoteker Pertama Apoteker III/b 3
Radiografer Pelaksana D.III Radiografi II/c 2
Pranata Laboratorium Kesehatan Pelaksana D.III Analis Kesehatan II/c 2
Penyuluh Kesehatan Masyarakat Pertama S1 Kesehatan Masyarakat III/a 2
Fisioterapis Pelaksana D3 Rehabilitasi Medik II/c 2
Inspektur Tambang Pertama S1 Teknik Pertambangan III/a 2
Psikolog Klinis Pertama Psikologi Klinis III/b 2
Analis Pajak/Retribusi Daerah S.1/D.IV Perpajakan III/a 2
Pekerja Sosial Pertama S1 Kesejahteraan Sosial III/a 2
Medik Veteriner Pertama S1 Kedokteran Hewan III/a 2
Pengawas Jalan dan Jembatan S1 Teknik Sipil III/a 2
Penggerak Swadaya Masyarakat Pertama S1 Semua Jurusan Kecuali S1 Pendidikan dan S1 Kesehatan III/a 3
Analis Kebijakan Pertama S1 Semua Jurusan III/a 2

Jobs Description

I. General Requirements :

  1. Indonesian citizen.
  2. Age as low as 18 (eighteen) years and a maximum of 35 (thirty five) years per January 1st 2015 For those who are older than 35 (thirty five) year up to 40 (forty) years old by January 1, 2015 Teachers are given the opportunity to (teacher) who has had a service life of at least 17 ??years and 8 months per January 1, 2015 is continuously on public or private educational institution in the district of Bogor.
  3. There was never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions that have had legal provisions that remain, as do a criminal act.
  4. There was never dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as PNS / Members of the Indonesian National Army / Members of Indonesian Police.
  5. Not located as Servant / Servant Candidates.
  6. Have the education, skills, expertise and skills required as well as an educational background from an accredited college or who has received permission operational / implementation of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of Education, according to the available pool.
  7. Grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 for graduates of universities with accreditation A, 3.00 for graduates of universities with accredited B and 3.25 for college graduates with a C or registered accreditation.
  8. Physically and mentally healthy.
  9. Willing to be placed throughout the region Bogor Regency.
  10. Willing to relinquish office administrators and members of political parties or if it passed as a civil servant.

II. Special Requirements

  1. Cover Letter handwritten in black ink on paper folio striped and signed stamped 6000 addressed to the Regent Bogor.
  2. Copy of diplomas and transcripts issued valid from Schools / Colleges accredited or has received permission operational / implementation of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of Education, as well as legalized / authenticated by the competent authority.
  3. For Applicants with a diploma who has not listed its accreditation status, in order to attach a certificate from the college / faculty statusakreditasi related to the year of graduation.
  4. Color photographs size 4 x 6 cm by 3 (three) pieces, (a name and date of birth on the back of the photograph).
  5. Results Print (Print out) proof of registration on line BKN.
  6. Especially for applicants formation physician, must attach a copy of Certificate of Registration (STR), the formation of the nurse should attach Nurse Permit (SIP) / Certificate of Registration (STR) and diploma nurses to S1 formation of Nursing (nurses).
  7. Applicants over the age of 35 (thirty five) year up to 40 (forty) years old (as of January 1, 2015) must attach proof of appointment and evidence has been working continuously legalized by the work unit leadership.
  8. Write code on the cover of a cover formation in the upper right corner.

III. Registration Procedures

  1. Admission Regional Civil Servants (CPNSD) 2014 Bogor District Government conducted through the following steps:
  2. Applicants registering through http://panselnas.menpan.go.id, starting on 03 sd 16 September 2014, to obtain a username and password.
  3. After getting a username and password, applicants register via http://sscn.bkn.go.id from 10 sd 17 September 2014, as evidence has registered, applicants must print proof of registration.
  4. Furthermore, applicants submit proof of registration registers that have been printed and all the files are compiled requirements as listed in the special requirements of applicants, put in green colored folder for Teachers, Red for Health Workers, and Blue for Strategic Technical personnel. The entire application file along with a folder put in a brown cover and sent via Postal service with a POS EXPRESS PRODUCTS addressed to the Regent Bogor through Cibinong PO BOX 16900, along with a white envelope that had been affixed stamps worth Rp. 5.000, – (five thousand dollars) for a reply that read a complete home address (house number, RT, RW, ZIP code and telephone number to call), received no later than the date of 18 September 2014 (postmark). For more information please contact the nearest Post Office.
  5. If one of the points above requirements are not met, then the disqualified participant in the administration and if one of the documents / statements above are not true (false) in question may be disqualified from the selection and appointment of a civil servant.

IV. implementation Testing

a. First stage
Selection administration. For those applicants who passed the first stage of selection will receive a letter of invitation and participant number written test / academic. For participants who did not pass the test selection and administration will be given a letter of reply / notifications.

b. Second Stage
The written test / academic (basic competencies) conducted using Computer Assisted Test (CAT), test execution, and test the location jadualpelaksanaan CAT exam will be informed by letter calling participants (listed in examinees card), and the implementation of the CAT schedule can be downloaded at http : //bkpp.bogorkab.go.id on October 5, 2014.

Test material:
Basic Ability Test, consisting of:
- Test Insights Nationality (TWK)
- General Intelligence Test (TIU)
- Personal Characteristics Test (TKP)


V. Other provisions:

  • For those applicants who passed the exam first and second stages, required to perform the proposed filing before becoming civil servant (NIP his set) by the Trustees of the Regional Personnel Officer to the State Personnel Board.
  • Enrollment without charge.
  • For those applicants who meet or do not meet the administrative requirements, the application file can not be taken back and become the property of the Committee.
  • The calling applicants who meet the administrative requirements will be carried out through the Post Office.
  • The things that have not been regulated in the technical guidelines will be set later by the committee.
  • The committee’s decision can not be contested.
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